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Ray and Angela Wedding Day

Went all the way down to Malacca to capture the beautiful couple wedding day, it was rather hot and sunny, but it didn’t burn the enjoyment that both of them had, on the very special day of their life, although they are both very young, their love story is very predated and special. “What did you call her?” she asks but I don’t think it’s her real question. “Sunshine,” I say, and she smiles like she believes it’s perfect and […]

Zenith and Hannah Pre-wedding

I was hired to shoot and covered the whole wedding for Hannah and Zenith, i was approached by Hannah as one of my previous client is a good friend of Zenith, and during the 5 days trip to Sydney, we took some beautiful imagery of the handsome Zenith and beautiful Hannah My love for you is like the raging sea, So powerful and deep it will forever be. Through storm, wind, and heavy rain, It will withstand every pain. Our […]

Channy and Yuliana Wedding Day

  The very special day celebrated for Channy and Yuliana, very sweet client all the way from Indonesia Romantic relationships are the spice of life, they make us feel alive in a way that nothing else can. Genuine romance exists when two people show that they care for each other through small acts of love and affection. We feel loved and cared for when we know that our significant other is thinking about how to give us the most pleasure. […]

Edmund and Erica Pre-wedding

To love another with all of your heart Can be seen as a work of art. You brush, you stroke, you pour, you spill, And upon each action your heart will fill. Hours are spent in an endless gaze That shall remain for all your days. With each addition to the paper, You realize your love will never taper. And in the end you will finally see, That all of your mistakes were meant to be.

Kenneth and Crystal ROM

Devotion for his Sweetheart, He stood close by her side, And held her hand through good and bad, His love he would never hide, When she gave him children, He upheld his part, And held their hands through good and bad, And loved them with all his heart, With all the years together, He doted on his bride, And held her hand through good and bad, Just to be close by her side, Then her body weakened, He pushed her […]

Sky and Cien Wedding Day

When you love someone you will do anything for them If the sound of your voice keeps them sane Then you would talk forever. If the touch of your skin on theirs kept them happy, You would hold them as tight as possible forever If it makes them happy for you to go away, Then you would move to another country Because you see, When you love someone you would do anything for them to be happy Even if it […]

WeiZhen and Kat Wedding Day

They say silence is Golden, I believe it to true, Because in that Golden silence, my thoughts occur of you You are the flame in my candle that lights the darkness of my room, You are the scented flowers that makes my heart full bloom, You are the butterflies that flicker in my stomach all day long, When I know I will be holding you before my day is done You are the stars that shimmer and shine, You light […]

Athen and Joanne Wedding Day

How do you know when your love is true and that you are not just fooling yourself? How do you know that you are not merely infatuated with each other? How do you know that this is a relationship that has lasting power? The truth is that these are only questions that can be answered with experience. It may take a few bad relationships before you know how to be in a good one. Another tip is to try to […]